Journals and Conferences:

Location-Based Distance Measures for Geo-Social Similarity(*)
Yaron Kanza, Elad Kravi, Eliyahu Safra, Yehoshua Sagiv
TWeb, paper

One Query, Many Clicks: Analysis of Queries with Multiple Clicks by the Same User”
Elad Kravi, Ido Guy, Avihai Mejer, David Carmel, Yoelle Maarek, Dan Pelleg, Gilad Tzur
CIKM 2016, paper, slides

“Increasing Activity in Enterprise Online Communities using Content Recommendation”
 Ido Guy, Inbal Ronen, Elad Kravi, Maya Barnea
TOCHI 2016, paper

“Recommending social media content to community owners”
Inbal Ronen, Ido Guy, Elad Kravi, Maya Barnea
SIGIR 2014, paper


Workshop papers:

“The Ranking Game” (*)
Ran Ben Basat, Elad Kravi
WebDB, SIGMOD 2016, paper, slides

“Understanding User Behavior From Online Traces”
Elad Kravi
PhD Symposium, SIGMOD 2016, paper, slides

“On the Correlation Between Textual Content and Geospatial Locations in Microblogs” (*)
Irena Grabovitch-Zuyev, Yaron Kanza, Elad Kravi, Barak Pat
GeoRich, SIGMOD 2014, paper


Demo papers and Posters:

“Searcher in a Strange Land: Understanding Web Search from Familiar and Unfamiliar Locations”
Elad Kravi, Eugene Agichtein, Ido Guy, Yaron Kanza, Avihai Mejer, Dan Pelleg
SIGIR 2015, paper, poster

“City nexus: discovering pairs of jointly-visited locations based on geo-tagged posts in social networks” (*)
Yaron Kanza, Elad Kravi, Uri Motchan
ACM SIGSPATIAL 2014, paper, movie

“Concurrent and robust topological map matching”
Roy Levin, Elad Kravi, Yaron Kanza


(*) The authors of these papers are ordered alphabetically